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Al Mezan Concludes Training on Lawyers Role in Detecting and Combating Torture


On Wednesday 6 October 2010, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded a specialized training course on ‘Lawyers Role in Detecting and Combating Torture’, which was held in Gaza City.
The training was organized as part of the EU-supported project on combating torture in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
Twenty-five lawyers participated in the training course.
The course provided 24 hours training over a period of four days.
  In his concluding remarks addressing the trainees, Al Mezan's director, Mr.
Issam Younis, stressed the need to build the capacities in the Gaza Strip to monitor and combat torture, which requires effective engagement from organizations and professionals from a variety of fields.
He said that ‘lawyers can be key actors in the combat against torture and abuse, and I call you to make use of the new knowledge and skills to be active actors in it”.
  The training introduced the participants to the standards relevant to the practice of torture and other forms of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, as enshrined in public international law and treaty law.
It covered the Convention against Torture and its optional protocol.
It also tackled the issues around the prevention of torture and abuse; including through monitoring and ensuring accountability.
The course also familiarized Palestinian lawyers with the relevant standards and challenges in Palestinian and Israeli law, and the means of redress available to victims and their lawyers at the domestic and international levels.
The training also covered practical skills for lawyers when they are faced with torture cases; including monitoring and documenting the cases, working with medical and rehabilitation personnel, litigation and referral.
  A team of trainers from Al Mezan and external experts from Palestinian universities and civil society organizations delivered the training.
  This course is part of a above-mentioned project on combating torture, aims to challenge the practice of torture of Palestinians by the Israel security authorities throughout awareness and training, monitoring and advocacy.
The project is implemented by Al Mezan, Adalah and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel.

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