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Press Statement: Al Mezan: No Positions Issued on Dr. Samir Qdeh's Case


Press Statement     Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights asserts that it has not produced any statement or issued any press release on the case of Dr.
Samir Qdeh, as has been falsely posted on some websites that referenced what was described as Al Mezan's position on Dr.
Samir Qdeh's case.
Al Mezan asserts that Dr.
Odeh had complained to it about being continuously summoned by the internal security apparatus in Gaza, the searching of his house and confiscation of some of its belongings.
However, his case is still being processed by the Centre and has not yet been closed.
  Al Mezan wishes to assert that its reports and positions are only issued in its own reports and press releases, which are regularly posted on its website www.

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