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Police Assaults Journalist; Confiscates his Camera and Press Card in Khan Younis


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8:20pm on Wednesday 4 August 2010, the Gaza Government’s police assaulted Al Jazeera-net journalist, Ahmed Mossa Abu Fayyad, 36, while he was covering a visiting children band.
The band was organized by (Ibdaa’) Creation Company for Art and Media.
The ‘Birds of Heaven’ (Toyoor Al Janna) band performed the concert which was held at the playground of the Sports City in the Qezan An-Najjar neighborhood east of Khan Younis.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Abu Fayyad said that policemen asked him to accompany them and detained him in the playground's yard.
They abused him and ordered him to hand them his camera.
Abu Fayyad told them that he was ready to show them the photos, but that he had not taken any photos yet as he was still justifying the settings of his camera when they asked him to accompany them.
He also told them that he worked for the Al Jazeera-net, but they gave what he said deaf ears.
One of the police members punched Abu Fayyad several times.
Another policeman hit him with a cudgel in the head.
Other policemen intervened and took Abu Fayyad away from that place and confiscated his camera.

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