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Announcement comes during court proceedings relating to a request by a lawyer in Gaza for an exit permit to reach her studies in human rights and democracy in the West Bank. The Court denied the petition.


Thursday, July 8, 2010– The Supreme Court yesterday rejected a petition submitted on behalf of Ms.
Fatma Shatif, a human rights lawyer from Gaza, seeking to attend her Master’s studies in human rights and democracy in the West Bank.
In a short verdict, the judges wrote that they had decided not to intervene in Israel's policy, thereby permitting the continuation of the sweeping ban imposed by Israel since 2000, on the passage of students from Gaza to the West Bank for the purposes of reaching academic studies.
Earlier in the proceedings, in its response to the petition, the State informed the Court that even under its “new” Gaza policy, there would not be an easing of restrictions on the passage of people to and from Gaza and that Israel will continue to permit travel only in “humanitarian and exceptional” cases, mainly relating to medical needs.

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