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One Farmer killed and another injured in two separate blasts in eastern Rafah



At around 15:45 on Saturday, 18 Jan. 2020, Mahdi Irmilat, a 37-year-old farmer suffered deadly injuries from an explosion of an unidentified object as he inspected it near his farmland southeast of Al-Shouka, east of Rafah. The blast severed his upper extremity and shrapnel wounds covered his entire body. The victim was rushed to Abu Yousef Al-Najjar Hospital but succumbed to his wounds and died shortly after.

Almost thirty minutes after the incident, another explosion occurred 200 meters from the first explosion location as the farmer Mahdi Abu Suhaiban, 23, was working the land. He sustained shrapnel wounds in different parts of the body and amputation his hand was amputated. Mahdi was rushed to Abu Yousef Al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah, and then transferred to the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis due to the severity of his wounds.

The police launched an investigation into the two incidents while the Explosive Engineering Unit scanned the area and managed to detonate three suspicious objects. No official statement was issued by the police or the Interior Ministry addressing the nature of detonated objects at the time of writing—on 29 Jan. 2020.



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