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Testimony on the murder on 12-year-old girl in Rafah


Hisham Saeed Zoroub, aged 20, from Rafah gave Al mezan center the following affidavit: "I live in the Western Rafah neighborhood opposite to the Zoroub Hill, where the Israeli Army has a permanent m8ilitary post.
At approximately 6:30am on 5 October 2004, I was near a brick factory, owned by Umar Hijazi, when I heard children screaming.
I looked towards the source of the sound and saw a group of schoolchildren screaming.
I hurried to where they were, near the Tel As Sultan police post, and looked southward, as they were looking at something.
I saw a girl child in UNRWA school uniform and a school bag near the Israeli military post, which is located at the borderline between Rafah and Egypt.
The girl was as close as 20 meters from the post and suddenly ran back towards us as Israeli soldiers started shooting extensively.
The children laid on the ground and screamed as the shooting continued, and the girl kept running.
I saw her falling down in a hole in the ground, and the shooting stopped.
She then stood up and ran again, and the shooting resumed.
She fell down in another hole on the ground about 200 meters from the Israeli military post, and didn't stand up again.
At this stage, I didn't clearly see the body of the girl.
But I saw about six Israeli soldiers running towards the spot where she fell down.
They were shooting their rifles.
When they approached the hole where she was, they laid on the ground and took the shooting position.
One soldier carried something from the hole, but I could not see what it was clearly.
The soldiers opened fire towards this object.
They stayed at that spot for almost one hour and then retreated to their post.
An ambulance came from An Najjar hospital, as it was written at its side, and stood near the location for about an hour until the soldiers allowed it to collect the body of the girl.
" Al Mezan followed the case of 12-year-old Iman Darweesh Al Hams as she was taken to the Reception Department at Abu Yousif An Najjar Hospital in Rafah and announced dead.
Her family identified her.
Medical sources at the hospital informed the center that 15 bullets were taken out of her body, especially from the chest.