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Palestinian Political Prisoners: Unfair Game for Israel’s Persecution, Israel’s Supreme Court decides that the state has no obligation to allow family visits for Gazans detained in Israel. By Grietje Baars

30-01-2010 00:00

On 9 December 2009, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected petitions by Gaza detainees and their relatives, together with Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations against Israel’s general policy, in place since June 2007, not to permit Gaza residents to visit their relatives incarcerated in Israeli jails.
The respondents included the Government of Israel, the Ministers of the Interior and Defence, and the Israel military commander for the southern region which includes Gaza.
The Israeli Supreme Court held that Israel has no obligation to allow “foreigners” entry into Israel (especially those from what it considers to be an “enemy entity”).
The Court surmised that the resultant infringements of international human rights law against the Gaza prisoners are only indirect, as the State is not claiming that these detainees may receive no visitors at all.

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