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IIOF commit new massacre, killing and injuring around 46 Palestinians

09-06-2006 00:00

The IOF intensified their shelling in an offensive that targeted unarmed civilians, killed 10 Palestinians and injured 36 others.
On June 9th at approximately 3.
25 pm, the IOF fired at a blue Mazda in Tel Zaatar neighborhood north-east of Jabalia Camp, killing Khaled Al Zaanin, 41, Basil Al Zaanin, 26, and Ahmad Al Zaanin, 22; it was reported that the car was returning from taking an injured person to hospital following the IOF shelling on Beit Hanoun at approximately 3.
The IOF conducted an effective massacre on the same day at approximately 4.
40pm, when they shelled three missiles at civilians swimming at Beit Lahia beach in the north-west Gaza Strip, killing a family and leaving behind just one member: Huda Ali Ghalia, a thirteen-year-old child whose parents, brothers and sisters were killed in the massacre: Ali Ghalia, 49, Raisa Ghalia, 35, Alia Ghalia, 17, Elham Ghalia, 15, Hanadi Ghalia, 2 years old, and Sabrin, 4 years old.
The bombardment resulted in the wounding 36 citizens who were on the beach, two of whom are in critical condition.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns this intensified IOF offensive in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and confirms that the IOF are committing war crimes and unnecessarily using excessive power against Palestinians.
In a separate incident, on the same day at approximately 5.
10pm, IOF military planes shelled a car near Al Shaima School in Beit Lahia, injuring three civilians.
Al Mezan Center hereby calls upon the international community, most notably the High Contracting Parties to Geneva Convention, to immediately intervene to halt Israeli crimes and provide international protection to civilians from the ongoing war crimes.
Al Mezan believes that the intervention of the international community constitutes a legal and ethical duty and necessity at a time that the IOF are increasing their offensive, taking advantage of the silence of the international community and the backup from the Americans.

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