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Press Release: Al Mezan calls for investigation into the fatal shooting of a man in eastern Gaza


At around 11:50pm on Friday, 23 July 2021, the body of Hassan Mohammed Abu Zaid, a 27-year-old resident of eastern Gaza City, was transferred to the Forensic Medicine Department at Shifa Hospital. Abu Zaid was fatally shot in the lower abdomen according to the forensic report.  


A statement released online by the Ministry of Interior in Gaza on the circumstances surrounding Abu Zaid’s death said that a speeding vehicle carrying Abu Zaid and two other people was approaching a security point (locally dubbed “Humat al-thoghour”) in the eastern vicinity of al-Tuffah, eastern Gaza City, near the perimeter fence. The Palestinian border patrol agents at the site signaled to the men in the vehicle to pull over, but when they refused, the agents opened fire at the vehicle twice. However, the vehicle did not stop and later it emerged that Abu Zaid was shot in the incident, while the other two people were apprehended. The Ministry also announced that an investigation had been launched.


Concerned by the seriousness of this incident and given its implications on the rule of law in Gaza, Al Mezan calls on the competent authorities to open a comprehensive investigation. The procedures for such incidents must be analyzed and authorities must ensure that measures are implemented to deter the recurrence of such incidents.  


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