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Al Mezan Congratulates Director Issam Younis for Appointment on the Higher Education and Scientific Research Council

09-09-2019 10:02

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights extends congratulations to Mr. Issam Younis for being appointed as the representative of civil society on the Palestinian Higher Education and Scientific Research Council. The decision of forming the Council was issued by President Mahmoud Abbas in Decree 64 of 2019.


The Council has 23 representatives of higher education and scientific research’s institutions in Palestine, distinguished academic figures, representatives of civil society and the private sector as well as to the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. It chaired by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


The Council is entrusted with devising public policy for higher education and research in Palestine, determining the criteria for admissions at higher education institution, proposing legislations for Higher Education or amending them, formulating funding policies to support higher education and the use of public funding for the sector. It also works on standardizing the academic, financial, administrative and research standards in higher education institutions.


Mr. Younis served as a member in the Board of Trustees of the Al Azhar University in Gaza for ten years, stepping down in November 2018, and he is the Commissioner General of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights.


Al Mezan congratulates Mr. Younis and the members of Higher Education Council and wishes them a productive and successful term in fulfilling the important mandate assigned to them. We are confident that his expertise will serve to promote the Council and provide human rights based approaches to its mission.