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Al Mezan Condemns the Gaza Explosions and Calls for a Full Process of Law to Bring Perpetrators to Justice

28-08-2019 08:48

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns with the strongest terms the explosions that targeted two traffic police points in Gaza City yesterday. Three members of the traffic police were killed and nine persons were wounded, including two children and a woman, as a result of these attacks.


According to Al Mezan’s field information, on Tuesday, 27 August 2019, two explosions took place in Gaza City. The first occurred at approximately 10:40pm at the Al Dahdouh square, south Gaza City, killing two police officers: ‘Alaa Al Gharabli, 32, from Al Sheja’ya neighborhood of Gaza City, and Salama Al Nadim, 31, from the Al Zaytoun neighborhood in east Gaza City. The second explosion occurred at approximately 11:35pm at the Al Sheikh-Ejlin checkpoint, southwest Gaza City, killing one police officer, Wael Khalifa, 43, resident of Al Bureij refugee camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, nine people were injured, including police officers, two children and a woman.


The authorities in Gaza announced on Wednesday morning that the security services were investigating the incidents. The explosions seem to have resulted from suicide attacks.


Al Mezan gravely condemns these attacks and warns about the serious implications on peace and security in the Gaza Strip. Al Mezan calls for a full process of law to investigate these acts and bring perpetrators to justice. Al Mezan calls for ensuring full respect for human rights, which are most needed at such times, and must not be neglected in the pursuit of security.



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