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Women in Gaza Join Al Mezan’s Latest Workshop on “Legal Protection of Civilians Under International Humanitarian Law”


On Thursday, 13 June 2019, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a workshop to Palestinian women in Gaza to raise their awareness of the protection of civilians as enshrined in the principles of international humanitarian law (IHL). 28 women from Khan Younis participated in the workshop, held at Al-Waleed Charity in Khuzaa.


The workshop participants were welcomed by Ms. Shirin Al Shobaki, Coordinator of Training and Mass Communication Unit, who first briefed participants about the importance of gaining familiarity with IHL’s essential principles of protecting women in contexts of armed conflict. 


Ms. Al Shobaki discussed with the participating women relevant provisions from IHL, emphasizing those principles of protecting women enshrined in the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions.  The discussion moved on to invite reflection from participants on how armed conflict, especially in areas adjacent to the parameter fence, affects women in particular. Finally, Ms. Al Shobaki presented on Al Mezan’s work in monitoring and documenting violations as a means of holding perpetrators to account.


The workshop is part of Al Mezan’s commitment to promoting IHL and human rights in Gaza and is supported by Diakonia through the joint project “Protection and Promotion of IHL in Gaza”.

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