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Young Man Dies After Being Shot at a Checkpoint in Gaza; Al Mezan Demands a Complete Investigation into the Incident

14-04-2019 14:13

On 13 April 2019, Mohammed Hadayed, 18, a resident of Al-Naser village in north Rafah district, lost his life after he was shot with live fire in the back. At the time of the incident Hadayed was in a car with his father on the way home back from their farm. The shooting took place about a kilometer away from the fence with Israel in east Rafah.


Al Mezan has collected an affidavit from Hadayed’s brother, Bahaa, 22. The following is an extract from the affidavit:


“My father, Majed Hadayed, 55, has been selling water to farmers in agricultural areas near the fence in east Rafah for about six years. This is his job, and he goes daily to those areas and is occasionally accompanied by my brothers. People there are acquainted to them. At approximately 2:05am on Saturday, 13 April 2019, my father and Mohammed went to a farm that is about 800 meters away from the fence, near the Sofa military site. At 2:55am, my father called me, told me Mohammed had been in shock, and would go to the Gaza European Hospital. I rushed to the Hospital and met my father there. Following medical diagnosis, doctors told us Mohammed was shot with two live bullets in the back. The doctors tried to revive him, but he died 20 minutes after arrival at the hospital. My father told me that on their way to the hospital, they moved past a checkpoint of a Palestinian armed faction without stopping. At about 200 meters past that checkpoint, my father heard sounds of shooting, so he stopped the car and watched two armed men in uniform approach him. One man shouted at him for not stopping at the checkpoint as the armed men had instructed, but my father said he had not heard them. At that moment, my father noticed Mohammed went into shock but did not realize he had been wounded. He drove to the Hospital and only there learned Mohammed was wounded.”


“The police came to my father and listened to his testimony of the incident,” Bahaa added. “They have launched an investigation into the incident as my brother’s body was taken for forensic assessment at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on the order of the public prosecutor.”


Al Mezan expresses deep concern by this incident and demands that a complete and credible investigation is launched into it, and following the law in ensuring accountability and deterring this type of incidents and causing such grave harm to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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