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Al Mezan Condemns Shooting at Fatah Leader in Gaza and Demands Investigation and Prosecution of Perpetrators

10-03-2019 07:29

Time: 10am (local time)


At 5pm on Friday, 8 March 2019, Ahmed Hillis, member of Fatah’s Central Committee and leader of the Movement in the Gaza Strip, unidentified armed persons opened fire at the car he was in as it drove Deir Al-Balah to Gaza cities. The shooting took place near Salah Al-Din Street near Al-Aqsa Hospital in east Deir Al-Balah, and it caused damages to the car, but no injuries were reported. The shooters were driving a car that had no license plates.


The police announced that an investigation was launched into shooting incident and that a number of suspects were detained.


Al Mezan condemns the attack on Hillis and demands that the perpetuators face the full process of the law. Al Mezan warns that this attack may cause an escalation of internal violations and represents the dangerous erosion of the rule of law in Gaza. Al Mezan stresses that bringing justice to such actors who perpetuate criminal activities is the obligation of the de facto authorities in Gaza. The authorities are under an obligation to ensure protection to persons under their control, including through instating gun control measures to limit unauthorized possession and/or use of small arms. This obligation must be fulfilled and restrictions must apply to all actors, including those affiliated with the authorities and those who are not in order to promote safety and security under the law.


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