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Security Forces Disperse a Peaceful Gathering Organized by Fatah Movement and Attack Participants



At approximately 4 :00pm, on Sunday, 30 December 2018, the Palestinian police dispersed a peaceful gathering organized by Fatah Movement on the celebration of its anniversary in the middle of Gaza City. The security members attacked the participants in the gathering with batons. of the attacked participants were:


  • -- The leader in Fatah movement, Ibrahim Abu Al Naja, 70.
  • -- Hind Subhi Abu Nada, 41, resident of North Gaza city. She was hospitalized due to severe bruises in head.
  • -- The member of Fatah eastern Gaza leadership and women commissioner, Buthaina Hamdi Khlil Al Sweisi, 62, resident of Al Zaitoun neighborhood. She was beaten with batons on her shoulders, arms and legs. 
  • -- Raghda Shuhaibar, was beaten by batons on her head and face.
  • -- Siham Qalaja, was beaten on her arms and legs.
  • -- Yousra Al Atrash, was beaten on her arms and chest.

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