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Eight Palestinians Killed and 342 Injured in Israeli Shooting at Demonstrators in East Burij

14-05-2018 09:36

At 10am on Monday, 14 May 2018, Israeli forces located on the fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip in east Burij refugee camp used live ammunition and tear gas canisters at tens of thousands of unarmed Palestinians who joined the Great Return March demonstration organized in the east of the camp. The demonstrators threw stones at Israeli forces located behind the fence, to which the latter responded with live fire and tear gas canisters on the demonstrators, killing eight, including three children, and injuring 342 others, including 56 children, 22 women, one paramedic, and one journalist—of them 300 were wounded by live fire. The eight deaths are:


  • --Wisal Alshaikh-Khalil, 14; and Talal Matar, 16; and Abdulrahman Abu Matar, 18, were shot with live fire in the head,
  • --Mahmoud Hussein, 24; Ahmed Al-Edeni, 36; Mohammed Dwaider, 28; and Ezz Eddein Al-Sammak, 14, were shot with live fire in the stomach; and
  • --Mokhtar Abu Khammash, 22, was shot with live fire in the chest.


Doctors assessed the injuries of other casualties to range in severity from light and moderate to serious. Field-based medical units provided the necessary treatment to tens of other demonstrators who suffered from inhaling tear gas. The shooting continued until 6:30pm on the same day.

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