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Two Palestinians Killed, and 77 Injured In Israeli Shooting at Demonstrators in Eastern Burij

06-04-2018 06:06


At 10:30am on Friday, 6 April 2018, Israeli forces located on the southeastern borders of Burij refugee camp in Middle Area governorate opened fire and launched tear-gas grenades at thousands of protesters joining the “Great Return March” demonstration near the eastern borders. The March has been called for by a national committee of Palestinian factions to mark Land Day. The protesters called the second Friday of Great Return March Demonstration “Friday of Tires”.  During Israeli shooting, two Palestinians were killed: Ibrahim Al A'r, 25, and Sidqi Abu Attiwi 25, both of them residents of Nusairat refugee camp and both were fatally wounded in the head. During the demonstration, 77 Palestinians were injured, including 13 children and three women. The total number of injuries caused by live fire was 41, including eight children and one woman. Another protester was injured by a rubber bullet. Casualties ranged from light and moderate to serious. Tens of other demonstrators who suffered from inhaling tear gas received the necessary medical treatment in the field. Israeli shooting at demonstrators continued until 7:30pm on the same day.

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