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Two Security Officers and Two Wanted Killed in Armed Clash in Western Nusairat

22-03-2018 09:52


At 10:00am on Thursday, 22 March 2018, a large Palestinian security force arrived to the Shobani cemetery in Al Hasayna neighborhood in western Nusairat refugee camp to arrest three wanted men accused of involvement in the attempted assassination of Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, the three men were hiding inside a room in the cemetery when security forces circulated them and closed the entire area. An armed clash broke out between the security officers and wanted men, and it lasted for about one hour and a half, during which two security officers and two of the wanted men were killed while three other security officers were injured and so was the third wanted man. Casualties were taken to Shuhada Al Aqsa hospital in Deir Al Balah, with the third wanted man held under custody by security forces. Deaths were taken to Al Shifa hospital to undergo forensic assessment. Ziad Ahmad Al Hawajerah, 38-year old resident of Nusirat, and Hammad Ahmed Abu Swaireh, 36-year old resident of Al Zawayda, were the two security officers killed during the clash. Anas Abdulmalik Abu Khousa, 26-year old resident of Jabalia, and Abdulhadi Jumaa Al Ashab, 22-year old resident of Nusairat, were both killed, too, as they did not surrender themselves. Al Ashab suffered from critical wounds that led to his death after about an hour of his arrival to the hospital. Later during that day, the Ministry of Interior in Gaza published through its websites a statement that the wanted men were the ones to initiate shooting towards security forces once they arrived to the former’s place. The wanted men did not agree to the security officers’ demand to surrender themselves. In the evening of Wednesday, one day before the clash, the Ministry of Interior pcirculated the photograph of Anas Abu Khousa as the first accused of the attempted assassination, and it announced a financial reward for whoever would provide information helpful in arresting Abu Khous.

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