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Palestinian Farmer Killed in Israeli Shooting in Eastern Khuzaa

03-03-2018 07:30


At 12:30pm on Saturday, 3 March 2018, according to Al Mezan’s monitoring and documentation, Israeli forces located near the eastern borders opened fire towards farmers and farmlands to the east of Al Najjar neighborhood of Khuzaa town in Khan Younis. Abu Jame’ was injured in his right leg while he was working in his farm, about 200 meters away from the borders. A group of local residents moved Abu Jame’ 600 meters away from the place of shooting to the main street; he was then ambulanced to the European Gaza Hospital, where doctors said the bullet had pierced deeper into his intestines and caused internal bleeding. At 5:30pm of the same day, Abu Jame’ was declared dead of his wounds.


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