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Patient Loses Life to Israeli Delay of Travel Permit



At around 11:00am On Tuesday, 20 June 2017, Raghiba Mohammed Al Badrasawi, 54-year old resident of Bloc G in Khan Younis, was announced dead in Nasser Hospital. Al Badrasawi had been suffering from cancer, with which she was diagnosed in 2013 at Al Najah Hospital. She since continued to apply for Israeli permission, which was granted, to cross to the West Bank and Jerusalem to receive the necessary treatment. Between 26 September 2016 and early March 2017, however, Al Badrasawi made four applications for a permit, yet she constantly received the notification that her application was “under security consideration”. In mid-March 2017, her application was approved, and she went to Al Najah Hospital. When she applied for a new permit again in 21 May 2017, she was twice notified that her recent application was “under security consideration”, a status that she received while her health kept deteriorating. While waiting, she finally died on 20 June 2017.


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