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Responding to Al Mezan’s Request—Israel’s Military Advocate General Orders a Criminal Investigation into the Killing of Disabled Protestor Abu Thuraya

09-01-2018 10:51

On 4 January 2018, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights received a notice from the office of the Israeli Military Advocate General (MAG) confirming the opening of a criminal investigation into the killing of Palestinian activist, Ibrahim Nayef Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, 29. While participating in a protest on 15 January 2018, Abu Thuraya, a double-amputee, was shot in the head and killed.


At 1pm on 15 December 2017, Israeli forces located on the northern and eastern borders of the Gaza Strip opened fire and shot tear-gas at demonstrators, largely men and children, who were protesting the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. According to monitoring by Al Mezan, Abu Thuraya was shot in the forehead at around 4:30pm. A single gunshot was reportedly heard at the time.


On 17 December 2017, a lawyer instructed by Al Mezan filed a complaint with the MAG requesting that a prompt, independent and genuine investigation be conducted by the Israeli authorities to determine if Abu Thuraya is the victim of an unlawful killing.  


The initial report from the Israeli military’s own operational investigation alleged that there was “no ethical or professional lapse” in the soldiers’ conduct and that the cause of death was unknown.[1]


Al Mezan and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights are jointly filing with the MAG a legal file containing information on the case, including medical reports, witness testimonies, and documentation of the scene of the incident. The prima facie evidence obtained by Al Mezan indicates the criminal involvement of Israeli soldiers in the killing of Abu Thuraya.  



[1] Haaretz: “Israeli Army Says Cause of Disabled Palestinian Protester's Death Unknown, Soldiers Didn't Fire at Him” 19 December 2018

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