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IOF Open Fire at Palestinian Demonstrators in North Gaza Governorate; One Palestinian Killed and 37 were Injured

22-12-2017 19:06


At 01:00 pm on Friday, 22 December 2017, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire and fired tear gas grenades at tens of Palestinian young men and children demonstrating near the eastern borders, east of Jabalia, and near the northern borders in the vicinity of Beit Hanoun border and near the northern borders north of Beit Lahiya in North Gaza governorate. As a result, Zakaria Adham Hussein Al Kafarna, 24, died after he sustained a bullet wound in his chest, and 37 protesters were injured including 5 children. The Indonesian and Al Awda Hospitals described the injuries as moderate and serious. 10 persons sustained wounds of bullets, 14 sustained wounds of gas grenades and 13 suffocated due to inhaling tear gas. Shooting continued sporadically until the evening hours of the same day. These demonstrations express Palestinians’ refusal of the US president decision of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

Tags / #buffer zone #Jerusalem solidarity