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The Israeli Occupation Forces Continue Perpetrating Crimes against Palestinian Civilians, Bulldoze Dozens of Houses in Rafah

10-01-2002 00:00

At approximately 1:50am Thursday 10 January 2002 the Israeli occupation forces broke into the Block O area in Rafah Refugee Camp near Salah ad-Din Gate.
About ten tanks and three military bulldozers entered the area under the cover of gunfire and started to bulldoze homes.
Inhabitants of these houses, who received no warning ahead of time, could hardly escape without being able to save any property.
The Israeli operation lasted until 4:00am and, in total, 53 houses were bulldozed.
Eighty-three Palestinian families have lost their shelter, as a result.
In a separate attack which took place at 7pm Wednesday 9 January 2002, the Israeli forces bombarded the Palestinian National Security site No.
3 east of Rafah.
A military bulldozer accompanied by tanks demolished the site afterwards.
The same site had been rebuilt after being bulldozed by the occupation forces on 18 April 2001.
At approximately 9:30pm on the same day, Israeli forces broke into two Palestinian Marine Police sites located on the beach of Rafah and Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.
These forces ordered the police members to leave the locations and seized engines from fishing boats.
Fishermen hurried to the location trying to save their engines, on which they depend to make living, but were detained at the wharf.
Ibrahim al-Bardawil, a 55-year-old fisherman objected and was attacked by Israeli soldiers.
Furthermore, the Israeli forces searched the houses of fishermen whose boats were found without engines and forced them to retrieve their engine blocks.
They seized the engines and carried them off in a military lorry.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with the Israeli forces continuous crimes committed against Palestinian civilians, especially the bulldozing of their homes.
The Center believes that these procedures constitute part of the Israeli collective punishment policy the occupation forces utilize against Palestinians.
  As such, the Center calls on the international community, particularly the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to intervene immediately to stop the Occupation forces continuous breaches of the Convention and to guarantee the respect and application of the Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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