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IOF Opens Fire at Protesters and Injures Four in Eastern Jabalia

15-09-2017 06:43


At 17:00 on Friday, 15 September 2017, Israeli occupation forces based to the east of the separation fence tear-gassed and opened fire at tens of children and young adults who were protesting near the fence around the Shuhada cemetery in North Gaza, protesting called for by different Palestinian factions to show solidarity with Palestinians in Jerusalem. Four people, including one child, were injured. They were: Diaa Mohammed Ahel, 16, injured by a tear-gas bomb that hit his left leg, Mohammed Jaber Anbar, 27, hit in his left hand by a tear-gas bomb, Said Al-Abed Shlash, 32, hit in the chest by a tear-gas bomb, and Shadi Emaad Al-Madhoun, 24, hit by a tear-gas bomb in his right leg. The four of them were taken to the Indonesia  Hospital, where medical staff assessed their injuries to be from light to moderate. Others who suffered from inhaling tear-gas also received medical help. IOF continued shooting at protesters until the evening of the same day.

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