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Commentary on detaining several PFLP members; al-Mezan Center demands immediate release of the detainees.


Since the early morning of Thursday 18/10/2001early morning, the Palestinian police have detained several Palestinian citizens for what seems to be their affiliation with the PFLP.
Among the detainees are Dr.
Rabah Mhana, member of the political bureau of the PFLP and head of the Union of Health Work Committees, and lawyer Yunis aj-Jaru, member of the PFLP central committee.
Al-Mezan Center fears that their detention might not in harmony with the due process; especially without a memo from the attorney general to be based on.
The center is highly concerned that the Palestinian police may have detained them for their opinion or their political beliefs, which is considered basic rights according to the Palestinian law, particularly that no charges have been present against them yet.
As such, the center is asking for their immediate release and calls for the respect the role of law and that every one should be subjected to.