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Al Mezan Condemns the Killing of Mazen Fuqaha’, Calls for Perpetrators to Be Brought to Justice

26-03-2017 10:20

At around 8:00 pm on Friday, 24 March 2017, Mazen Mohammed Fuqaha’, 38, was killed by unknown men while at the entrance to his house in Tal Al Hawa, southwest Gaza City. The information collected by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights indicates that Fuqaha’s lifeless body was found at the entrance of Al Gharabli Building. The building is located near the Al Quds Hospital in the southwest of the Gaza City district of the Gaza Strip.


Police sources state that Fuqaha’ sustained two direct gunshot wounds to his head and three to the upper part of his body, and that he died instantly. The police arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting and opened a murder investigation.


Fuqaha’ is from Tubas in the West Bank and was one of the prisoners who was released in the prisoner swap of 11 October 2011. He was among the prisoners released by the Israeli authorities under the condition that they be deported to the Gaza Strip. He was married and had two children: Mohammed, 4, and Sama, 2.


The Israeli military authorities had previously published a list containing names of wanted persons who were described as dangerous; Fuqaha’ was on that list. This fact and the assassination-style manner in which he was gunned down raise serious questions about who killed him. Extra-judicial killing is one of the tools that Israeli forces use in liquidating Palestinian political and military leaders.


Al Mezan condemns the murder and asserts that extra-judicial killing is a violation of international law. International law bans extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions under all circumstances. Al Mezan calls on the authorized bodies to investigate the crime and bring perpetrators to justice.

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