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Two Persons Killed and Another Injured on Background of Family Revenge

08-12-2016 16:42


At approximately 3:45 pm on Thursday, 8 December 2016, unknown armed men opened fire at a civilian car that was travelling near the market crossroads in Al Sheikh I’jleen neighborhood southwest of Gaza City. As a result, two people who were in the car were killed and another person was injured.

According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, three brothers from the Abu Medien family were in a Hyundai silver car travelling near the market crossroads in Al Sheikh I’jleen when unknown armed men opened direct fire at them. As a result, Naser and Abdel Malik Abed Rabbo Abu Medein (49 and 47 respectively) were killed and Hatem Abed Rabbo Abu Medein, 47, sustained bullet wounds in the chest and the head. Medical sources described his injury as moderate.

Police opened an investigation into the incident. According to the police initial investigations, the crime comes on the background of a family revenge. The police arrested a number of suspects.

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