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Media Officer of Fatah Movement in Wadi Al Salqa  Village Receives Threats from Unidentified Phone Number

30-08-2016 06:47


At approximately 6:20 pm on Tuesday, 30 August 2016,  journalist Yousif Ahmed Mohammed Abu Mughesieb, 36, received threats on his mobile from a private number. According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, Fatah Movement organized a meeting in the Abu Mohareb family  council in Al Salqa Valley in order to announce the end of the preparation phase for local bodies elections which will be held in October. The media coordinator was supposed to deliver a speech, but he received a phone call from a private number who asked “Is it Youssif Abu Mughesieb?”. Youssif Answered “Yes”, the caller said “You’re active on the Social Media website (Facebook), and active in the area, Stop what you’re doing or your legs and tongue will be cut”, and hung up.


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