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Al Mezan Holds a Workshop for Fishermen on the “Protection of Civilians in International Humanitarian Law”

30-08-2016 06:57


On Tuesday, 30 August 2016, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) held a workshop for 33 fishermen on the “Protection of Civilians in International Humanitarian Law”. In his welcoming address, Samir Al Mana’ma, lawyer at Al Mezan, discussed Al Mezan’s monitoring and documentation of the Israeli Occupation Forces’ attacks on Palestinian fishermen off of the coast of the Gaza Strip. He emphasized the importance of communication between the fishermen and Al Mezan in order to disclose Israel’s violations perpetrated against fishermen.


The workshop also addressed the deepening economic crisis in the fishing community resulting from the Israeli government’s restrictions imposed by sea. The workshop delved into the importance of monitoring International Humanitarian Law (IHL) standards; local and international litigation mechanisms; trends in violations; and methods for retrieval of confiscated nets and equipment, which are typically held in perpetuity. The participants, victims of attacks, harassment and confiscation, discussed the possibilities of obtaining appropriate compensation according to the extent of the damage suffered.


The workshop is part of the activities Al Mezan implements under the “Promotion of IHL through Education in Gaza” project, with support from Diakonia.


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