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IOF Arrests Four Palestinians Including Three Children Eastern Khan Younis

16-08-2016 08:05

At approximately 5:00 am on Tuesday, 16 August 2016, IOF  arrested four Palestinians as they were trying to sneak across the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel eastern Al Fukhari village southeast Khan Younis. Al Mezan identified ther names as follows:

  • Salah Al Dein Jamal Hmad Abu Khamnash, 15;
  • Wael Yousif Taleb Abu Al Hassein,15;
  • Fares Abu Al Hassein, 17; and
  • Mohammed Abed Rabu Taleb Abu Al Hassein, 19.

They are all residents of Al Hseinat area in Al Nassr village north Rafah.. In the morning hours of Thursday, 18 August 2016, the IOF released them at Erez crossing

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