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One Injured and Another Killed in Family Feud in Rafah

13-08-2016 09:35

At approximately 4:30 pm on Saturday, 13 August 2016, medical sources at Abu Yousif Al Najjar Hopital in Rafah announced the death of Suliman Mohammed Suliman Abu Snima, 20, resident of Al Nasser village northern Rafah after being stabbed directly in his heart.  Mohammed Salama Abu Snima, 19, resident of Al Shoka village, was also assaulted while he  accompanied his cousin Suliman and he was stabbed in different parts of his body. He was then admitted to Abu Yousif Al Najjar Hospital where his injury was described as critical. He was then referred  to the Gaza European Hospital to receive treatment. The police opened an investigation into the incident and arrested the perpetrator. The reason behind the attack is of a feud on a piece of land.

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