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Al Mezan Organizes a Workshop on Elections in North Gaza

12-05-2016 09:57


In context of Al Mezan ongoing efforts to promote democratic values and human rights culture, on Thursday, 12 May 2016, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan), in collaboration with the Central Elections Commission (CEC), organized a workshop entitled “Elections … Gateway to Renew Legality and Legitimacy of the Political System” for 36 participants in Al-Taghreed Society for Culture and Development in Beit Hanoun, North Gaza. The participants included social activists, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

Hussein Hammad, Director of Al Mezan’s Jablia office, opened the workshop by welcoming the participants. He gave an overview of Al Mezan’s work and activities, and the concept of human rights. He then focused on the topic of elections and their criteria by discussing the Palestinian electoral system, nominations terms and conditions, and the stages of electoral process. Afterwards, Alaa Elskafi, Al Mezan’s lawyer, discussed legislations and laws regulating the elections in Palestine.

In conclusion, the participants engaged in active discussion and raised several questions, which were answered by the moderators, including Mohamed Abu Amira, Coordinator of the CEC in North Gaza, and Yamen Al Madhoun, Al Mezan’s project coordinator.

Through this campaign, Al Mezan seeks to raise awareness of elections as a fundamental part of human rights and a safeguard for many others. Therefore, Al Mezan is employing its experience and capabilities to expand its outreach to youth, members of civil society, and marginalized groups through capacity building and awareness raising activities.



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