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Al Mezan Organized a Workshop for Deaf Adults

09-05-2016 09:40

In the context of Al Mezan ongoing efforts to promote democratic values and human rights culture, on Monday, 9 May 2016, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan), in collaboration with the Central Elections Commission, opened a workshop entitled “Elections: Gateway to Renew Legality and Legitimacy of the Political System”. The workshop targeted 30 Deaf people and was held in Gaza City. This workshop is a part of Al Mezan partnership project with civil society institutions, funded by the European Union. 

Shirin Al-Shoubaki, Coordinator of Training and Mass Communication Unit at Al Mezan, delivered the session, with the assistance of Mohamed Al Ghola, a sign language interpreter. Al-Shoubaki welcomed the participants and thanked the Future Society for Deaf Adults for their cooperation with Al Mezan in order to raise the awareness of the Deaf regarding their rights.

Through this campaign, Al Mezan seeks to raise awareness about elections as a fundamental part of human rights and a safeguard for many other rights. Al Mezan is also promoting respect and realization of bases that underpin any free and fair election process, such as: the principle of periodic elections, liberties, and respect of human rights. Therefore, Al Mezan is employing its own experience and competence to reach out to youth, members of civil society, and marginalized groups through capacity building and awareness raising activities.


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