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One Woman killed after Israeli Forces Shell Farmlands in Al Foukari Village

05-05-2016 08:16

At approximately 6:30 pm on Thursday, 5 May 2016, Israeli occupation forces, stationed behind the separation fence to the east of Khan Younis, fired several artillery shells at agricultural fields in the east of Al Fakhari village. One of the shells struck a field located at about 450 meters from the separation fence. As a result, Zana ‘Atia Mohammed Al Amour, 59, who was filling straw bags in her field, sustained shrapnel wounds to the face and shoulders, and Amir Naji Omaira Al Amour, 16, who was helping her, sustained shrapnel wound in his right leg. At the moment of the attack, Amir was few meters away from Zana looking for a rope to tie the bags. Zana was transported on a motorcycle for about 1500 meters, and then using a tuk-tuk to the Gaza European Hospital. She was pronounced dead on arrival. She had a cut wound below the jaw and laceration to the shoulder and right arm.

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