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Child Profile: Shaima’a Wael Mahmoud Qasem


Name: Shaima’a Wael Mahmoud Qasem

Date of birth: 11 June 2000

Date of death: 3 August 2014

Fourteen-year-old Shaima’a from Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip was a simple, kind and undemanding child. She liked math, and her math teachers were her model, so she wanted to be a math teacher. She dedicated her time to studying to get the highest grades. She memorized the Quran and prayed every day.

Shaimaa’s mother gave birth on 2  August 2014, and while she was taking care of the new baby, the sky was illuminated, followed by smoke, dust, shrapnel and rubble that fell on the house.  Shaima’a was covered by the rubble of the bombarded neighboring house. Shimaa's body was recovered, but she was already dead. “I remember Shaimaa every day, and the new baby was not named yet, so she was named Shaimaa,” said her mother, who is 32.


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