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Knock on the Roof: Warning Missile

08-04-2015 09:46

Knock on the Roof: Warning Missile
In the early hours of January 9, 2009, in Beit Lahiya, Gaza, a missile was fired at the roof of the Salha family home. This was part of a tactic that the Israeli military calls "knock on the roof", where the missile hitting the house is intended to warn the inhabitants that a further, lethal strike is shortly to follow. While these "warnings" are intended to save lives, they also render civilians, otherwise legally protected, legitimate targets if they chose not to evacuate. To the members of the Salha family, the meaning of the warning was unclear. When the bomb struck 180 seconds later, two women and four children were killed. Forensic Architecture constructed a model of the Salha family home using photographs taken at the scene by weapons expert Chris Cobb-Smith. A long conversation around the model with the surviving members of the family -- Noor Salha and his father Fayez Salha -- was used to reconstruct and model the timeline of events that night.