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Waiting for Justice ... في انتظار العدالة

14-07-2014 09:40

On a July evening in 2010, Israeli occupying forces launched a deadly attack on the Abu Is'ayid family home in Gaza's buffer zone near the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. The family, who work in agriculture and have lived on and farmed their land for generations, underwent a second devastating attack by Israeli forces just over one year later.

Seeking justice and accountability for the attacks, which resulted in the death of mother of five, Ne'ma Yousif Abu Is'ayid, and the destruction of the home, the family initiated the legal process before the Israeli District Court in Beersheba and with Israel's military investigative mechanisms.

As the case moves forward and each obstacle in the Israeli justice system is met, Naser Abu Is'ayid and his family continue their wait for justice to be done.