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Al Mezan Condemns Israeli Authorities’ Forcible Dispersal of Peaceful Demonstrations, Calls of Immediate Release of Prominent Human Rights Activist and Detainees


Israeli Police arrested Ms.
Farhiya Hussein, human rights activist and the administrative manager of Adalah Center for Minority Rights in Israel, and her two sons in addition to hundreds others who participated in large peaceful demonstrations across Israel to protest against Israel’s Brawer-Begin plan.
Israeli police assaulted dozens of peaceful demonstrators joining the protests which were called for by the The High Follow-UpCommitteeforArabCitizens of Israel.
According to information obtained by Al Mezan, Israeli police intentionally used force to disperse the protests which took place at different times on Monday, 15th July 2013.
During the police crackdown on the protests in Sakhnin, police personnel detained Ms.
Fathiya Hussein and her two sons, Muhannad, 24, who was brutally beaten by Israeli policemen, and Tareq, 18 years.
Twelve other activists were detained during the same protest.
Hussein is being held at Masjaf police station waiting to be Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns Israel’s Brawer-Begin plan which constitutes a cover for its ongoing ethnic cleansing policies inside Israel, threatening the very existence of Palestinians inside Israel.
Moreover, Al Mezan strongly denounces the use of force to disperse the peaceful demonstrations as well as the arrest of Mrs.
Hussein and dozens other protesters and calls for the immediate release of Ms.
Hussein and all detainees.
Al Mezan also stresses the need for a prompt intervention by the international community to bring to an end Israel’s ceaseless discriminatory practices against the Palestinians, which this time come in the form of the second largest forced displacement plan against the Palestinians living inside Israel, all in blatant violation of universal human rights norms and standards.

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