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Statistical Report on: Persons Killed and Property Damaged in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Occupation Forces during “Operation Pillar of Cloud” (14–21 November 2012)-Updated


The report shows the Israeli ongoing violations of children rights.
The reporting period (14-21 November 2012) has witnessed numerous incidents of killing and injuring of civilians particularly children, destruction, forcible displacement, regular attacks on schools and hospitals by the IOF.
Large number of families lost their source of income.
The IOF continued to impose restrictions on Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip in violation of international law.
Facts on the ground show the Israeli disregard for international legal and universal standards under IHL and IHRL, particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The report shows the IOF blatant breaches of its obligations represented by its practices and actions in the Gaza Strip during Operation Pillars of Cloud.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reiterates its condemnation of the Israeli aggression and its attacks against Palestinian civilians, particularly children, and their property in the Gaza Strip and the ongoing restrictions on Palestinians in Gaza which are considered as a form of collective punishment in contravention of international law.
It also condemns Israeli continuous attacks on schools, residential houses, and civil and public facilities.
Al Mezan views the ongoing Israeli violations of IHL and IHRL as a reflection of the failure of the international community to uphold its legal and moral obligations towards the Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and in the Gaza Strip in particular.
Al Mezan asserts that the international community’s failure to take effective steps in order to end Israel’s violations has encouraged Israel to commit further crimes.
Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly intervene to end Israeli violations of IHL and IHRL, to work towards the realization of justice and accountability in the oPt, and to pursue those who ordered or committed war crimes and bring them to justice.
Al Mezan urges the international community to end Israel’s impunity with respect to its widespread violations of human rights and IHL in the oPt.

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