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PUBLIC STATEMENT: The EMHRN condemns Israeli Military Orders Threatening the Mass Transfer of West Bank Palestinians

13-04-2010 00:00

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) condemns and demands the immediate annulment of Israeli Military Orders 1649 “Order regarding Security provisions” and 1650 “Order regarding Prevention of Infiltration,” which came into effect on 13 April 2010.
These military orders issued by the Commander of the Israeli Army in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, could potentially allow the Israeli occupying forces to empty the West Bank of almost all its Palestinian inhabitants.
Military Order 1650 significantly amends an existing order on “prevention of infiltration” of 1969 (The so called “Order regarding Prevention of Infiltration“.
) by defining an “infiltrator” in such generic terms that virtually any person present in West Bank could potentially fall under that definition and consequently incur criminal liability and/or be subject to deportation, without judicial review.
According to the preexisting military order of 1069 an “infiltrator”, was considered to be a person who entered the West Bank from Jordan, Syria, Egypt or Lebanon, without a permit from the Military Commander or who stayed in the area after the expiration of such a permit”.
Military Order 1650 radically widens the definition of infiltration to include all those who enter the area “unlawfully” from any place and as well as any person who entered the area lawfully but “does not lawfully hold a permit”.
The order fails to clearly define what Israel considers as a valid permit and merely stipulates that it is “a document or permit issued by the commander of IDF forces” in the West Bank.

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