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IOF Attacks and Arrests Palestinian Young Man near the Borders North of the Bedouin Village   ||  IOF Opens Fire at Rubble and Scrap Collectors and Injures One West of Erez Crossing   ||  IOF Arrests Three Children Tried to Cross the Border East of Wadi As-Salqa Village   ||  IOF Opens Fire and Flare Bombs West of Beit Hanoun Crossing   ||  Limited IOF Incursion East of As-Shejaiya Neighborhood East of Gaza City   ||  Limited IOF Incursion Northeast of Gaza Valley Village   ||  IOF Opens Fire and Launches Tear Gas Canisters near Erez Crossing in Beit Hanoun   ||  Limited IOF Incursion East of Deir Al Balah   ||  IOF Opens Fire and Launches Tear Gas Canister near Erez Crossing North of Beit Hanoun   ||  IOF Opens Fire at Palestinian Fishing Boats in North Gaza District   ||  
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A paper on the IOF Invasion of the town of Beit Hanoun (29 June 5 August 2004)

This paper was especially developed for the representatives of diplomatic missions to the PNA who visited Beit Hanoun on 14 August 2004.

At approximately 5am on Tuesday June 29, 2004, the IOF invaded the town of Beit Hanoun and the outskirts of the neighboring towns of Jabalia and Beit Lahia in response to what Israeli sources reported as missile attacks on Israeli territory. They imposed a strict siege on the town banning civilian movement into and out of the town for a period of 37 successive days. Movement within the town was also banned and many were killed trying to move around inside this area. The IOF caused severe damage to human life and property during this incursion, in grave breach of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

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