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Condolences and Support to Al Mezan director Issam Younis for the loss of his father   ||  Condolences: Al Mezan's staff member Anwar Al Za'aneen killed by an Israeli attack today   ||  The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses deep condolences for the loss of family members of our dear colleagues   ||  Israeli Drones Attack a House in Rafah   ||  Israeli Aircraft Attack an Open field in Kherbet Al-Adas in Rafah   ||  Israeli Aircrafts Attack Military Training Site and Injure Child West of Beit Lahiya   ||  Israeli Aircrafts Attack Cows and Sheep Farm in Jabaliya   ||  One Killed in Israeli Aerial Shelling of Military Training Site in Rafah   ||  Israeli Warplanes Fire Missile on Farming Land in Gaza   ||  Israeli Aircraft Attack Open Field in Gaza, Five People Injured   ||  
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In New Israeli Escalation: IOF Killed 6 and Injured One, Al Mezan Condemns the New Israeli Escalation and Calls on the International Community to Intervene and Upholds its Legal Obligations

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continued to escalate their aggression against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The IOF killed six persons and critically injured another in a clear violation to international human rights law and the international humanitarian law (IHL) particularly discriminate and proportion principles.

According to the monitoring and documentation of the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, At approximately 7:50 am on Thursday 6 September 2012, Israeli tanks fired an artillery shell at three Palestinians who were in Wadi Ad-Douh area about 200 meters away from the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel northeast of Beit Hanoun. As a result, three of them were injured.

 At approximately 8:30 am on the same day, the IOF allowed an ambulance from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to enter the area, after coordination between the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Israeli side. When the ambulance was about 350 meters away from the injured persons, the IOF opened fire. The ambulance drivers left the area immediately. Young men and women tried to access that area, but the IOF opened fire at them.

At approximately 9:30 am on the same day, the ambulance managed to carry the three of them. Two of them were killed and the other was pronounced dead on arrival to Beit Hanoun Hospital. Al Mezan has identified them as follows:

·         Ihab Sami Ahmed Az-Za’aneen, 26,

·         His brother Akram, 21; and

·         Tareq Suhail Al Kafarna, 22.

Medical sources reported that they sustained bullet and artillery shell wounds.   

In a separate incident, at approximately 10:30 pm on Wednesday 5 September 2012, Israeli aircrafts fired at least one missile at a group of Palestinian men as they were getting out of a car southeast of Al Bureij refugee camp.  An ambulance from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society arrived at the place and carried three bodies and one injured person to Al Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al Balah. The injured person was then referred to Shifa Hospital due to his critical health condition.

Al Mezan has identified the names of the persons killed as follows:

·         Khalil Faraj Al Jarba, 27, from Al Bureij refugee camp;

·         Khalid Salah Al Qerem, 23, from Gaza City; and

  • Zakariya Mohammed Al Jammal, 29, from Gaza City.

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights strongly condemns the Israeli escalation. Al Mezan warns of the grave impacts of the ongoing Israeli attacks and escalation, particularly given Israeli threats to commit further crimes and abuses against Palestinians in Gaza.

Therefore, Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly intervene to end the Israeli aggression, to put principles of accountability into effect, to bring those who ordered or committed war crimes to justice, and to provide redress for the victims of violation.  Al Mezan asserts that the international community’s grant of immunity has encouraged Israel to commit further war crimes against Palestinians.  


مركز الميزان لحقوق الانسان .. مركز الإعلام

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