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Israeli Drones Attack a House in Rafah   ||  Israeli Aircraft Attack an Open field in Kherbet Al-Adas in Rafah   ||  Israeli Aircrafts Attack Military Training Site and Injure Child West of Beit Lahiya   ||  Israeli Aircrafts Attack Cows and Sheep Farm in Jabaliya   ||  One Killed in Israeli Aerial Shelling of Military Training Site in Rafah   ||  Israeli Warplanes Fire Missile on Farming Land in Gaza   ||  Israeli Aircraft Attack Open Field in Gaza, Five People Injured   ||  Israeli Aircrafts Attacks Tunnel in Rafah, Six People Killed   ||  Israeli Aircraft Attacks Agricultural Field in Gaza City   ||  Israeli Aircrafts Attack Open Field South of Gaza City; Five People Injured   ||  
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  Press Releases  

Human Rights Council Special Session on Palestine: the EU must not repeat past mistakes regarding Israeli military attacks against the Gaza Strip

IOF Intensifies Attacks on Inhabited Homes, 597 Killed including 152 Children and 82 in the Gaza Strip by 1Pm Today. Al Mezan Calls on International Community to Protect Civilians and Investigate IHL Violations

Israeli occupation forces bombs hospitals directly and continue to target medical staff
Al Mezan condemns and calls for the international community to act in order to cease the aggression and to protect civilians

IOF Commit More Massacres in the Gaza Strip, 506 Killed including 131 Children and 64 Women as the Civilian Casualties Continue to Rise
Al Mezan Deplores the Failure of International Community to Protect Civilians

Massacre in Gaza: IOF Invasion of Sheja'ya Leaves Dozens Killed in Streets; mostly Children and Women
International Silence is Complacency and must End Now

As IOF Ground Invasion Ensues, Numbers of Palestinians Killed Climbs to 330 including 76 Children and 36 Women, 20 Children Killed since Yesterday and over 50,000 People Displaced



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  Al-Mezan Publications  
Gaza Diaries 10: Survived Sheja'ya and Killed in Rimal; Two Families of IDPs Hit, The Attack Kills 11, including 7 Children 22-7-2014
Open Letter
Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the Gaza Strip: Establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry into Violations of International Law Committed During Israeli Operation Protective Edge and Ensuring Accountability
Childrens rights and aid organisations call for immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip as violence escalates 18-7-2014
Human Rights Council Special Session on Palestine: the EU must not repeat past mistakes regarding Israeli military attacks against the Gaza Strip 22-7-2014
Gaza Diaries9: 'All that was left were the fragments of their little bodies and the small bag of chicken food' Three children killed on the roof of their home in an Israeli bombardment 18-7-2014


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  International Reports  

EMHRN:: Israel-OPT: A New Cycle of Violence whose Targets are Civilians


Press briefing notes on Israel / occupied Palestinian territory


Israel: Force-feed to Stifle Resistance, the EU must Take Action!





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  Al-Mezan News  

Al Mezan Organizes Workshop on the Civil Society and Reconciliation: Expectations and Hopes 23-6-2014

Al Mezan Organizes Training Course on Women and Children in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law 22-6-2014

Al Mezan Monthly Report: Continuous Israeli Violations against Palestinians in May with Nine People Injured 15-6-2014



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