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IOF Opens Fire East of Rafah; One Injured   ||  IOF Opens Fire at Bird Hunters and Kills One East of Jabaliya   ||  IOF Opens Fire at Group of Young Men East of Jabaliya   ||  Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at Fishermen North Gaza District   ||  Child Dies from Wounds he sustained in Protective Edge   ||  Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at Fishermen in Rafah   ||  IOF Arrests Two Men East of Rafah   ||  IOF Opens Fire East of Al Bureij Refugee Camp   ||  Israeli Gunboats Open Fire at Fishermen in As-Sudaniya Area in North of Gaza   ||  Woman Commits Suicide on Social Background in Beit Hanoun   ||  
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  Press Releases  

Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Condemn Israel's Ban on Access of International Independent Commission of Inquiry to Gaza

Al Mezan Condemns the Continued Attacks in the Middle and North of Gaza and Calls for a Serious Investigation in the Incidents

Al Mezan Condemns Israels Closure of Gaza Crossings and the Continuous Escalation in East Jerusalem

Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Patient and Patient Escort as Israeli Closure Policy

Al Mezan Center for Human rights Condemns Israeli Escalation against Palestinian Fishermen and Calls for Prompt Intervention to End the Blockade on Gaza



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  Al-Mezan Publications  
Complaint submitted to the United Nations concerning large-scale destruction and damage to family houses in the Gaza Strip with associated profound loss of life and injury to Palestinian residents, during Israel's military operation between 7 July 2014 and 26 August 2014 30-9-2014
Open Letter
Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the Gaza Strip: Establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry into Violations of International Law Committed During Israeli Operation Protective Edge and Ensuring Accountability
Gaza Diaries11: Why on Earth Were We Attacked?
Al Qassas Family and IDP Relatives Lose 7 Children and 3 Women in an IOF Attack on Home
Human Rights Council Special Session on Palestine: the EU must not repeat past mistakes regarding Israeli military attacks against the Gaza Strip 22-7-2014
Gaza Diaries 10: Survived Sheja'ya and Killed in Rimal; Two Families of IDPs Hit, The Attack Kills 11, including 7 Children 22-7-2014


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  International Reports  

EMHRN:: Israel-OPT: A New Cycle of Violence whose Targets are Civilians


Press briefing notes on Israel / occupied Palestinian territory


Israel: Force-feed to Stifle Resistance, the EU must Take Action!





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  Al-Mezan News  

Al Mezan Organizes Workshop on the Civil Society and Reconciliation: Expectations and Hopes 23-6-2014

Al Mezan Organizes Training Course on Women and Children in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law 22-6-2014

Al Mezan Monthly Report: Continuous Israeli Violations against Palestinians in May with Nine People Injured 15-6-2014



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